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Chani and I want to send you a really big thank to Kate for all the work she did during this purchase. Kate went above and beyond on everything related to this deal. This deal might have been one of the longest running, since it ran for almost 9 months from start to finish. Had it not have been for Kate running around and pushing various officials, sellers agent etc., this would not have gone through at all.

We really appreciate her dedication and attention to details during the process. lt saved us lot of resources and money since she caught so many things during the process, and we were able to clear those before closing. During the close, Kate also saved us lot of headaches by instructing us to compare financial documents. It would have been a huge headache if we missed some of the details that seller missed on those documents.

Finally, thanks for being such a valuable resource finding other supports also. Kate somehow found a such a good contractor for us and he was one of the best we have seen. He is almost done with all the work and it has been only about 3 weeks after the close of the purchase. Again, thank you Kate so much for all your support. We worked earlier with some commercial real estate agents and you are so far beyond any of them with the support you provide.

Also we felt that you became a close friend during the process.

Lakmal & Chani